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Der er plads til alle emner vedr denne båd i denne blog. Forårsklargøring, reparationsprojekter, sejloplevelser, udstyr osv.

Der er også plads til at beundre de flotte linier på billedet af D31 ovenfor.


Rig Posted on Sun, August 23, 2009 21:43:43

Hello to all, and to all an apology in advance for not posting in Danish.

Of course I’ve been meaning to post for quite some time, but Ole has taken care of introductions and passed on my emails. Rini was involved in absentia- but no more.

We have a problem with our rig. Ole suggested contacting the former owner (Henry) with questions, which I have done, but alas with no reply. The basic facts are this:

– There has been an increase in friction on the jib halyard, which one can feel while raising or lowering the jib.

– The increased friction has been demonstrated by the near complete destruction of the block on which the halyard runs, at the top of the mast.

– The block has been destroyed AGAIN, and within the short time since we replaced it on Bornholm, which was early June of this season. We sailed all of last season and much of this season (april to june) without needing a replacement.

– The only changes we have made to the parts of the rig that might have impacted this has simply been to re-orient the backstay, however, no additional blocks or pulleys were added, and so no additional force should have been introduced into the system.

Right now the near-term remedy seems to be to relieve all back-stay tension while raising or lowering the jib, causing less friction from the forestay, which is causing the wear by pressing against both the block and the halyard. This is essentially okay, and we can work to remedy the problem by either replacing the block with a smaller diameter, or by adding a pin to the area just below the stay, above the block, to keep them from interfering. But any real changes will probably be left until after this season ends.

The real question or concern is what could have caused this? Should we be worried that our stays are stretching drastically? I wonder if we should shorten the length of the forestay (via the turnbuckle) to change the angle at which the stay leaves the top of the mast. Or perhaps reseat the mast to change the angle? Of course doing either of those could cause lee helm.

For illustration, and surely artistic appreciation, I’m attaching two pictures. The first is the setup while I am lifting the forestay out of place with my hand, the second is with the stay as it sits naturally, but with NO tension on the backstay:

Here’s a third one just for fun, the feet are mine, Gilles, the proud co-owner is pictured below:

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks and hope to post more often,


We’ve been expecting you D172

Generelt Posted on Sun, August 23, 2009 21:31:56

for vi har haft agenter ude. Og det gav resultat i Rudkøbing. Jeg fik denne gode mail:


Jeg kan se på din hjemmeside at jeg er “wanted”, da jeg er ejeren af den orange d22 ved navn Kræm Fræs i Rudkøbing.
Jeg har haft den i over 5 år nu, så det passer nok meget godt med at jeg købte den af Tom Philipsen. Mens jeg har haft den, så har den altid ligget i Rudkøbing.

Hvis du vil vide mere så, skal du være så velkommen til at skrive


Martin Rueskov Andersen

Tak for det smiley

Og dermed er hele krimien omkring Drabant 22 situationen i Rudkøbing havn løst. Alle D22’ere er registreret og ejerne har givet sig til kende. Jeg har sendt invitation til galleri og blog til Martin og så er der kun at sige velkommen, og håber vi hører mere fra D172 Kræm Fræs.

Desværre kunne galleriets navn ikke indeholde ‘æ’, så galleriet fik navnet Der er link fra ‘Fartøjsfortegnelse’ ved klik på ‘Kræm Fræs’ under D172. Kan også tastes direkte som URL i browseren. Som normalt.